John Denton


John's professional career originated as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer in The British Steel Corporation in England.  He then started on a global path of progression in the computer and information technology industry for the next 27 years.  John lived and worked in The Netherlands with the European Space Agency, spent time in Cape Canaveral U.S.A. on a space launch program, lived in West Germany and emigrated to Australia in 1986.


Through his exposure to some of the world's leading information technology companies, John has been a high achiever in sales, customer service and management.


John started his own training and development business in January 1997 as an authorised licensee for Leadership Management Australia (LMA). Today, John is an experienced business person, qualified facilitator of professional development programs, business coach and public speaker.


John built his business from scratch, starting in 1997, through a lot of cold calling, face to face sales presentations and networking. He says about his first 18 months in business, “It was the most humbling and character building experience I have ever had.”


Since starting his business in 1997 John has helped individuals and organisations realise more of their potential in achieving personal and business success. Clients have included; The TOLL Group, Western Power, Optus World, The Capricorn Society, Boom Logistics, Onesteel, Salmat, Austim, Mitchell Corporation and many small and medium sized businesses.


John was the President of The Stirling Business Association from 1998 to 2000 and was the Chairman of the Stirling Business Alliance from 1998 until 2006. The SBA is an alliance between the Stirling Business Association, the Stirling Business Centre and the City of Stirling which was set up to build a business incubator in the City Of Stirling, Western Australia. The business incubator’s role is to provide accommodation and support for start up and developing small businesses. The incubator opened for business in November 2005, 7 years after the committee agreed to tackle the project. The incubator is running profitably and at almost its full capacity of tenants.


During his time as an LMA licensee, John specialised in the delivery of world class, leading edge professional development programs in the areas of effective management development, personal and business productivity, personal leadership, communication skills, selling skills, effective team development, and personal development.


John is a graduate of the Australian Professional Speakers Academy and a qualified workplace trainer and assessor. As well as the professional development side of his business, John has presented keynotes and facilitated workshops on achieving greater success in business and personal lives through self understanding and personal leadership.


In February 2004, John merged his operation with a similar business and set a goal with his new business partner to build the business for sale and exit with equity within three years. After an aborted attempt to sell the business in early 2006, John and Peter sought advice from experts (one of them being Mal Emery) and restarted the sale process 3 months later. This time, with the benefit of experience and greater knowledge they were able to put the business back on the market at a substantially better price. They received an offer within two weeks and the business sold.


In August 2006 John teamed up with long time friend Mal Emery to create Streetsmart Business Builders Pty Ltd a business dedicated to helping people build their businesses for sale and lifestyle. This is achieved through a network of Streetsmart Business Builder coaches Australia wide.


Outside of business, John and his wife Cheryl are life members of A.F.S. Intercultural Exchanges, a High School based international student exchange program. John and Cheryl have hosted 8 international students for periods of between 6 and 12 months at a time and worked in many senior volunteer roles in the organisation. John is a West Coast Eagles member, social golfer, and enjoys relaxing bike rides with his wife Cheryl. A good book and glass of good red wine never go astray either.


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